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Bridgette Burton

Surface Pattern Designer & owner Love Midge



Hunter's Nursery by Love Midge

My process always begins with a walk. For this particular pattern, I started at a local nursey. I walked down every row, took pictures of anything that could later be useful. I knew that people thought I was strange for taking hundreds of photos at every angle possible of the flowers and vegetation! I live in the mountains, and the view from my office is incredible. We have hawks and eagles whose flight path is right over our home. The Serrano Indians were the first settlers here and we live near one of their scared places. I wanted this pattern to be personal so I decided to take all of these and combine them.

Here are a few photos from the nursery:  (I did ask permission from the owner first)


For my mood board, I tried to include anything that I thought may be relevant to my overall theme of local nature. It happened to be raining that day, so I included raindrops as part of my inspiration:


I started sketching during my lunch breaks. Some of the sketches made the cut, others I ended up tweaking a bit:


I combined several of the photos that I took to come up with this southwest inspired color palette:


Next was the process of creating the motifs. I wanted a native/nature feel to the pattern:


Here is my final pattern!






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