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Hi. I will post the final result and then the process and some close up pictures. I hope you like it! (sorry if my english, is not the best)

Final result:


1-Some face and body options:

2- Refined sketch:

At this step I was thinking about doing a retired soldier that is still in shape for his age. But then I've changed my mind because a wanted something friendlier.

3- Defining the character; Clothes and accesories:

So I decided to do a hunter. Like a duck hunter, with a whistle hunging by his neck, shotgun, some gun shells falling to the floor (to give dynamism to the composition), etc.

4- Values:

5- Values & lighting:

At this step the shadow doesn´t convince me, but it's a secondary element so I continued.

6- Color blocking:

7- And again, final result & some close ups:

As conclusion, I can say that I really learned a lot with this class. I think the mistake that I still do a lot is painting with too low opacity, because I'm not shure. That "vice" take so much time and leaves muddy parts. But I'm happy with the final result.

And that's all. Thanks for watching my project!

Behance link:


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