Hunter Time... The Ball

Hunter Time... The Ball - student project

We all love to take Photo's of our beloved pets, I myself enjoy the special bond that is created with play time and work time. My dog Hunter and I have that relationship, the one where it is unconditional, we both tolerate each others shortcomings, so there is an understanding of obedience on each side of the relationship. Hunter loves the camera, he know's right when he sees me going for the bag he always assumes I am going to take photos of him, and he is right 100 percent of the time. 

Over time as I was able to create a wonderful relationship through taking photos of Hunter, always trying to make it exciting for him kept that connection between myself, the camera and Hunter.

Stare Down

Hunter Time... The Ball - image 1 - student project

Break Time

Hunter Time... The Ball - image 2 - student project

Shiny Object

Hunter Time... The Ball - image 3 - student project