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HungryHippie is a global community marketplace to help travellers 
meet up local people to experience local food culture.

How It Started

  1. Love for local food, made by local people.
  2. Searching for local food with the help of a local
  3. Sharing a table and engaging in conversation with travellers at a local restaurant.

That's how we got the idea for HungryHippie...

Landing Page: www.hungryhippie.org

FebruaryAttended OMRails2
MVP Page:

We designed the website to measure the idea with AARRR using Google Analytics and MixPanel.

The objective of the Landing Page is to communicate the idea as clear as we can. 

Once the User signs up, they are able to access to the Travel/Locals page.
They can search for locals in specific location. For now, we're going to try out Kuala Lumpur since we're based here. Do let me know if any of you are interested in becoming a "food ambassador" at your city/town! :)

Users can click into each Hosting cards to view more information about the host and the meal.
Users can enquire more under the host's profile card. We used Campaign Monitor to receive enquiries by customizing the forms with Rails.

...or they can Make Reservation!
Created a Checkout controller for each Show Page to receive different customized Reservation forms, also with Campaign Monitor.

Other Features

User Profile

Upload multiple images

MarchMoving Forward
To learn the most out of the MVP, we'll be Going-Out-of-the-Building to validate our idea. 
You can help accelerate our learning by giving us your feedback and suggestions! :)


Thank you Mattan and classmates. It has been great learning together with you guys. Learnt so much despite living half a world away from New York.


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