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Hungry for Truth

Ah, yes! Let's keep this plain and simple, shall we? Here lies my process.

1. Here are my notes.


2. Here were some of my ideas when it came to word association and brainstorming. I wanted to give a visual representation of fasting, and so I combined two words: hunger and faith. Keep in mind, I wanted to pick apart an article and do this project as if it were a loose editorial assignment. is where you can read the article I based the ideas of my design from.




3. I thought I had a couple simple, decent ideas, so I threw them into action. I do admit, these are pretty rough.. hence, why I didn't feel compelled to put more time into it. I also admit to this style not being extremely 'expressive' considering this course, however, I was able to implement the concept in a flat design-esque style and choose a compatible color pallet to deliver the idea more clearly.



I would love your feedback and comments.. as much as I would love a slice of pizza.. which means alot right now. Also, you should probably go and check out to see more of my work. 




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