Hungry Wolf (for 30 day Illustration Session) | Skillshare Projects

Anna Puchalski

Scary, weird and cute



Hungry Wolf (for 30 day Illustration Session)

I really had no idea what I was going to do so I ended up picking three animals and narrowing it down by sketching. All the other themes I used during the 30 day Illustration session had to do with bands, and I knew I wanted to work that in somehow. So the text is either song lyrics or a song title. The fox was out immediately because I couldn't make a band connection. 


For reference I pulled cats, foxes and wolves. The cat and the wolf were the most promising. 


I drew a few thumbnails before narrowing down to which animal I was most interested in drawing. Also What type of lettering project I wanted to do. I really liked the lyrics in the shape of the cat face, but I just did that with a guitar a few weeks ago, so… 


This was the one I ran with, but I changed it a little in final pencils. 


And then a little more in ink. No vectors on this, not yet anyway. 


X was a band that was a little before my time when I started listening to them in my early teens, but were pretty significant in building my musical tastes. Doing something victorian inspired for an LA punk band seemed a bit odd, but I like the torn rope around the neck, that gives it an edge, of sorts…? 


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