Hungry Bear | Skillshare Projects

Caitlin Baumberger

Graphic Designer



Hungry Bear

I am a graphic designer, but I have been really wanting to get into illustration lately because I have found that sketching characters makes me really happy. I think it's important to be able to laugh at what you create; it makes it more enjoyable :) I found this Skillshare class by Matt and it is perfect for the route I am looking to explore.

Here is the link to my Pinterest board where I have pinned all of the illustrations that inspire me in different ways.

I have decided on illustrating a bear. Here are some of my initial sketches:

This is the sketch I decided to go with:

After adding my shapes...

After rendering in Photoshop...

And here is after the color adjustment! This project was so much fun to do, especially the rendering in photoshop and watching my illustration come to life. Loved it! Cant wait to make more :)


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