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Daniel Sher

Cape Town, South Africa.



Hungover by - the death of our brand.

Welcome to the death of our brand, 

Established by myself (Daniel Sher) and my partner Paige Smith, is (and now was) a menswear label that 'celebrated the collaborations of South African creatives'. All product was produced in Cape Town, South Africa.

Due to the excessive demands of our full-time day jobs, we were unable to regularly release capsules each and every season, and our brand became one that only occassionally released collections. 

Our proudest brand moment, was a collaboration that we did with our good friends, Johannesburg concept and design duo Jana + Koos ( The capsule was called Drol, meaning 'shit' in one of our local languages, Afrikaaans (

Since the Drol collaboration, releases for have been few and far between, I (Daniel) made the move from Johannesburg to Cape Town to be with my partner Paige. As a result, all the spare time outside of my day-job that should have been devoted to designing for, has been mostly devoted to nursing hangovers. These hangovers were the result of my excessive alcohol consumption due to us (myself and Paige) being unable to see our beloved friends (Jana + Koos), or due to our sheer elation at being able to spend some time with them, which was spent at some of Cape Town/Johannesburg's many wonderful bars, and ultimately lead to all 4 of us feeling rather hungover during most of our free time.

Hence, the brand has not seen anything released in a full year. And so the story goes, the brand has died. One cannot be taken seriously by the general niche streetwear consumer if one is not releasing collections at least 3 to 4 times per year, and we are realistic enough to accept that.

However, I (Daniel) didn't want to let the brand just be another one of those local brands that fizzle out, and people say: "Oh Yeah, that brand just died." If the brand is going to die, then I am going to be the one who kills it, and I am going to kill it in style, and with humour.

Hence, has died as a result of the hangover. 

Although one brand has died, this is not the end for us and the menswear industry. Our initial exploration into the world of clothing has lead to a few very meaningful partnerships and relationships, and we will be starting a new label (in partnership with Koos) in 2016 - a South African cultural and adventure themed menswear label that will be both functional and practical. The name of our new label is Next Weekend (, and we will be releasing collections on a regular basis.

Although the competition brief requested us to submit one T-Shirt design, we have made 4 prints on the same basic crew neck T-shirt pattern. The product will be for sale in South Africa via direct purchase and through a flash pop-up online shop at a retail price of R399 per unit (approximately $27 per unit).

All 4 prints are 'hungover' themed, and all prints are original artworks by one of our favourite collaborators, Koos Groenewald, of Jana + Koos (instagram handle: @koooooos). 

The initial idea for this collection started when Koos woke up one Sunday morning in Johannesburg after a big night on the town, and began to draw. The water colour illustration that follows was posted by him on his instagram account that morning with the caption "Hungover".


It was at this moment that I immediately messaged him to let him know that we needed to kill my brand with a series of 'hungover' themed prints, and he instantly agreed and laughed out loud, due to to the very funny truth that this was in fact the reason for the death of the brand. This image (above) was drawn in February 2015. 

Since that day, we have been trying to put this final collection together. And the last 2 months have seen us really hustle in order to get this project completed before year end, and the final product was only completed late this afternoon on 18th December (thanks Paige!). 

The first step was to decide on the layout of the prints on the T-shirt. We initially battled with the decision on whether to place the print on the front left of the chest or at the back of the T-shirt. We eventually decided on the 'hungover' text on the front left chest, and for the illustration to be placed on the back of the T-shirt in A3 size with the same 'hungover' text just below the A3 print. Here is the final design that we settled for:


The next step was to source fabric and create markers to hand over to the printer:


We used a beautiful 100% white cotton (160grams, made in a mill in Durban, South Africa) to produce the garments. All prints were done via a high quality digital print machine at a local textile print shop. All prints were printed on pre-cut blocks.


The product was then re-laid, and re-shaped by one of Cape Town's finest cutters (thanks Najiema!).


The product was produced with the assistance of an excellent local seamstress whom we have been working with (thanks Lillian!), and with the supervision of my partner Paige.


Into each garment, Lillian has sewn our old labels which are being used for the very last time. As with all our product, every item is limited edition and the labels are numbered by hand. There are 18 units of each print, making a total of 72 units. 


The front of the T-shirt has the 'hungover' text centered on the left chest. Our model, Gary, is 158cm tall and wears a size medium:



Each of the 4 A3 size prints can be seen in all their glory on the back of the T-shirt. Here they are, in order from the print that we would submit first to last (though we love each and every print equally the same):

1. Existential Crisis; 2. Too Hungover to Fuck; 3. Too Hungover to Smoke with My Mouth; 4. Hangover Remedy.

1. Existential Crisis:



2. Too Hungover to Smoke with My Mouth:



3, Too Hungover to Fuck:



4. Hangover Remedy:



We still have plans to professionally shoot the range, however that will be done in the next week or so. We also intend to package the brand with our swingtags which are currently being printed.

Thanks to Jeff Staple and Skillshare for the class and the opportunity to participate in this fantastic competiton. 



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