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Hungarian pattern

Hi everyone!

Thanks Elizabeth for a wonderful class. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. 

A little bit about me before I present my project: I am writer, I sometimes work as a photographer and I love image and design, but I've never done any illustrations and I have very basic knowledge of Illustrator. Also, I haven't drawn for years, so I'm a beginner! I'm also starting in hand lettering, but when I saw this course it caught my eye immediately. I didn't know I liked patterns so much.

About my project: I'm Argentinian but my mother is Hungarian, I visited Hungary for the first time a few months ago and I was writing about that trip for my next book when I got really stuck. That's when I started the course and decided I would make a Hungarian-inspired pattern. It would allow me to continue thinking about Hungary and maybe get unstuck and continue writing. It was so much fun and it helped me clear my mind. And Hungarian culture has very cute details, like the paprika, the flowers and the palinka!

For this project I did many things for the first time:

- I used a stylus (love it)

- I learnt how to draw using vectors (it took me a long time to get it right, and I'll probably get better with practice)

- I made my first pattern :)

I know I have a lot to learn and many adjustments to make, but I feel happy with my first accomplishment. I worked non-stop for two days on this, and I was wondering how long it took others to do theirs.

Here are some pictures of my project:

Final square:


My pattern:

iPhone mock up:

My moodboard:ía/


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