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Hundredth - Revolt

Hailing from Myrtle Beach, Southern Carolina is a band that goes by the name of Hundredth.

They have released two albums and one E.P. this year, but plan to release another E.P. later in 2013. Hundredth is well known for their heartfelt lyrics that come from the creative mind of their frontman, Chadwick Johnson. They are one of the few bands today that express their passion for music through their stage presence and the emotions that have troubled their lives rendered through Johnson's vocal capacity.


I have chosen to redesign Hundredth's E.P. "Revolt" because it is the latest material they have released this past year. Their music has matured very much so, more than their last two albums, by focusing on global problems and awaring others and the music scene through the five tracks listed on "Revolt".

This is the current artwork for "Revolt" and although the word itself can impact minds through curiosity and stand alone, I plan to illustrate a couple of main themes from the lyrical content expressed through this E.P. The message behind this E.P. is to rise in revolt against your ways and the way of this world so you can take action, break the cycles of life to restore, replenish, and respect your way of life by reducing our actions on how we damge the earth by the way we live. 

One of the main symbols I will incorporate are the keys symbols that Hundredth uses.

As a band, they are well known for this symbol for the underlining meaning of it that was expressed through a song off their sophomore album, "Let Go". Johnson expresses his struggle of why is it so hard for him to chase down the man he is meant to be and as he stands in front of a metaphorical door of what his true self is behind, the only way he can open the door and let his true self out is the conflict he has within himself, who holds the key. He believes that he'd rather fail than fail to be himself. 

The mood I want to portray is liberation. I want to express Johnson's beliefs and emotions through symbolism that I plan to work up with to encourage others to take action and wake up from the normal lives in which we exclude what is happening in our world by our selfish ways. I want to express how people can break free from what society has raised us to believe what is wrong in our lives, and consider the fact that we, as human beings are a race that is killing off our own kind and our own home.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have only been using adobe illustrator and photoshop for about 4 months, so hopefully, with what I know and what I will learn in this class, I can portray an album cover that can express what I intended in a simple and direct manner. 

Update: 5/10/13

I have had a hard time trying to portray what I envisioned in my mind over the past couple of days of how I could bring my concepts to life.

I wanted to create a desolate wasteland of what our earth could come to, but I felt like I was not being clever enough and it did not appeal to me the more I worked with it. 

I had 3 different ideas, but only one of them was working for me. Since their E.P. is called Revolt, I wanted something that had relation to public awareness that most people overlook, just like news in today's society. 

This is what I am currently working on, without any added textures yet, all just vectored work. I still aim for a "run-downed" feeling, more so on the worn out side, as if it were a propaganda poster on a brick wall somewhere rural and suburban for people to see and easy to neglect, just like problems in today's world, which Hundredth emphasizes in this E.P. I aim to give it some rusted and cement crack textures to create some character and substance to my work. 


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