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Humsky Beach T-Shirts

Humsky T-shirts are result of falling in love with sea trough swimming, freediving and surfing. The brand idea came to father and son of a family who moved after a day job to Malta. Surrounded by marvelous sea, sun and seeing everyday cool people in their wonderful mix of shirts and beach wear, they decided to celebrate sea and beach life with their own line of T-shirts.

The Humsky logo is mythical figure forming itself out of waves of the sea.

Differences to other beach T-shirt brands
- Humskies are celebration of sea, sun and beach
- Spiritual connection with sea and sealife
- Humskies are worn by people who are into watersports
- Feeling of oneness

Humsky design has so far raised following reactions
- Mythic (silence or associations with Moses, Neptune, Poseidon...)
- People into watersports (divers, freedivers) seem to like them
- Hey, there are symbols in think I regognize in that design!

We want people to
- Reconnect with their connection to the sea emotionally
- Feel that sea is one and we want to celebrate and preserve it
- Waves dude waves
- Relax and letting go
- Enjoy and celebrate in one endless beach party


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