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Humour Writing

Here we go .....

Assignment 1 Funny words for --Elderly

(to be used in a Rant) with love 

Plus I need a bigger font for this assignment

Funny Names

Bingo Bopping

Orange Clog Wearing

Right Single Turning

Scooters with Racks for their Hooters

Arched Eyebrow

Glasses over Glasses

Coin Change Purse Jangling

Rouged cheek puffer fishes

Lipstick out of the line colourers

Bleached  wig wearing whack jobs

Scooter  Racing Labrynth Rats

Blood Lab Vampire Suckers

Denture Clacking Code Breakers

Assignment 1-Place Names

Tim Horton's Daytime Cabaret 

Betty's Beauty Box Peroxide Palour

Rexall's Drugstore Coupon CashOut Shack

Bus Bingo Backseat BarRoom

Safeway Snooping Sale Shack

Kale Krunching Kooks 

ooops on any typos



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