Humor Essay Ideas

  1. City Life
    After living in various big cities (Denver, Phoenix, Detroit), I still experience a significant culture shock whenever I visit the small town where I grew up, which is a small-ish city along Lake Michigan. I've tried to encourage friends and family to visit me (I live in the suburbs of Detroit), but they harbor some fears they just can't shake (will they get shot or mugged?).

  2. Yoga Retreat
    Last Fall I went on a yoga retreat, by myself, with about 15 other women 20+ years older than me. They took me under their wing and gave me advice about sex, menopause, yoga and primal screaming.

  3. Country Club
    Growing up I had a summer job as a beer cart girl at the local country club's golf course. My clientele were mostly old rich guys who had very high expectations from an 18 year-old beer cart girl (special brands of cigars, looking the other way as they peed in the woods, etc). One day I happened to encounter a well-known music group on the course and, spoiler alert, they also had high expectations from my beer cart.