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Maribel Navarro

I'm here to learn.




Whew! this project took a while for two main reasons:

1. I was taking my sweet sweet time because I was enjoying it (and figuring things out along the way).

2. There was a time where I took my first trip to Europe!

Choosing My Animal: Here's my brainstorm list of animals.


I ended up choosing the Hummingbird because of my niece's pourquoi story on how they got to fly so fast. below are a few notes on hummingbirds along with main points on my nieces story.


Initial brainstorming sketches.


My lettering sketches for Illustrative, Decorative, and Representational. Unfortunately, I did not get to make my drop caps just yet, (I already missed the deadline for the 30 day illustration challenge and I didn't want to prolong this any further!). I really like all three of them, they're such different styles I can't really choose one over the other because I can imagine them fitting into different settings.


My layout sketches (that did not turn out entirely the way I envisioned) along with some possible color choices.  I am really inspired by medieval illustration and wanted to bring some of that into what will be the cover of my niece's story.


Here are my extra elements for the cover I would create.  I initially decided to combine a few styles, but I don't think that worked.  On the left you can see I chose the Illustrative style "hummingbird" to combine with the represenational style "fly" and a much plainer "Fast".  I incorporated a few more motifs I picked up from my hummingbird illustration and a few flower elements to tie the bird and the flowers together. 


Unfortunately, the combination of all three of words I chose was too busy and I ended up going with a much, much simpler lettering scheme than I had initially thought I would.  I removed the illustrative element from "hummingbirds" and made it interact with the bird instead. 

I wanted to keep the overall feel of the cover medieval, but when I discovered the very modern shade of green, I was inspired to add a bit of 50's or 60's screen print feel to it.  I'm not very good with adding color, so i kept the choices and the application of the color simple.  I'm not entirely conviced with the way the hummingbird is colored in the green version, although I like that it stands out.

Green, purple, light green (+ some gold and turquois on the hummingbird).


An alternate color scheme: Orange, sage, light pink (+ peach, turquoise, and gold on the hummingbird).


Thanks for looking! I welcome any advice, as I'm practically new at lettering (and coloring).


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