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Trinette Brown

Graphic Designer



Hummingbird Mark

I am very late joining the 30 day logo challenge - but I'm going to try my best to make the first deadline tomorrow! 

I decided to use a hummingbird for this challenge. They have a great silhouette and I think the end result could be pretty awesome. Here are my reference photos:


I'm leaning more towards the top photo - I like that you can see both wings. It gives the opportunity to add some shading to differentiate the two.

I'm off to do some sketching! Will update soon :)

Initial sketches:


First Illustrator sketch & attempt at a grid

- first time exploring using grids like this, still working out exactly how the process works!


Final product with a few colour variations:


Thanks for a great class George! I'm definitely going to come back and work through the lettermark and negative space projects as well - so many awesome projects, so little time!

There's a few adjustments I still want to make, I found the grids a bit confusing and there's a few things that could be smoothed out - but here is the final product for now!

All comments & feedback are welcome :)


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