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Hummingbird Garden

My mom had her hummingbird feeders out the last time I visited her and when the little birds were zipping around I realized how much I missed them now that I live in The Big City. I took a picture of the feeder (the birds were too darn quick!) as inspiration and started looking for better reference other than my blurry photos.


I love the Bleeding Hearts in my mom's garden so I made sure to look for pics with those!

I knew color was going to be so important since my subject was more or less a summer garden. Here's my Mood Board:


Another inspiration:


Then I started sketching the birds.


I think choosing a color palette is the hardest part because there are an infinite number of choices! Looking back at it, I should've put in some more colors, more purple.


I scanned all my drawings and cleaned them up in Photoshop to get them ready for Live Trace. I need to practice more working with Live Trace. Some of the lines were a little too heavy but they're ok for my first try. I colored them and then I started on my motifs. I LOVED this part. I could mess around at this stage all day.


And here are my final pattern variations. They have some holes but overall I'm satisfied with their craziness. I understand why Bonnie Christine said don't use black, it does really limit your choices when scrolling through trying to recolor. Oh well. Live and learn!




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