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Humbold Beginnings

Laying in my bed on a late february night up thing about my next move in life and what i wanted to do for the rest of it. Being back home assistant coaching a local junior varsity basketball team and just a few days prior while going through drills with my team i ruptured my left achilles tendon. So as im dealing with all these different emotions i start to brainstorm and talking to myself (every goal driven person does this lol) i realize what it is i want to do. I want to design stuff ! I always wanted a closet full of things i've designed from shoes to hangers and etc. So i started to think about a name. Something that stood out but could be marketable in every aspect of business. (The process begins in the first five pictures ). I went through so many different combinations and names and places and finally i found two! Humble and Bold, again i started to talk to myself and say why not humble, be bold! I started to repeat it over and over again and then began to write it down on a page in my sketch book from front to back. It just fit me and my personality and what i wanted my brand and my lifestyle to represent. Something that maybe everybody in the world could use is a little more humboldness and boldness. My late grandfather Bishop Odis Floyd always told us "people dont have to be nice and when they are nice they dont have to be nice to you". I wanted something "nice" to give to the world, a vision and a product that people needed to see and take in. I wanted to become a household name like rocawear, sean john, and staple. Watching a seminar Jeff Staple did a few days later after that night change my life forever. He gave nothing but the real deal and i was like a sponge. i knew what i wanted to do but had no clue as to how to do it besides what i learned from that video and youtube. The next day i contacted a homeboy of mine who did branding and designs and asked him to created a logo for HUMBOLD. A couple of days later he sent me this( what is seen on the next few pages). Didnt like the first two designs he sent me but the third had promise so i few hours later he sent me the "One" ! I fell in love with what i believe will be the brand that changes not only my life but generations. That cold night in February Humbold Inc. was born.  


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