Humble Beginnings | Skillshare Projects

Humble Beginnings

This class is my first attempt at calligraphy and at lettering. Overall I'm feeling that I still have a long way to go in getting used to using the pen. I'm finding the inkflow to be inconsistent and I'm sure it's in how I'm manuvering. My hand isn't quite used to sliding along the page. 

I'm also experiencing the ink coming out kind of all at once from time to time. Maybe too much pressure?

Here's my progression so far: 

Right off the bat I enjoyed the process.I started by trying to get used to the way the pen and ink worked. 

Then by trying to warm up to the idea of forming letters freehand. 

Everything felt very tight though, so I tried increasing the size and trying to loosen up a little. 

I then finally decided to try using the template to trace. I found myself smearing more than I ever had but felt like I was getting a new feel for the letters which was good. 


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