Humanoid - student project

I chose a nude figure for this project, since it is the kind of exercise I always come back to when I feel a lack of inspiration.


How did I experience this process ?

I felt imprisoned by the fact that I had to think of my own rules. Since it had been quite some time (week - months) that I hadn't really drawn, I couldn't think of many rules that felt new to me.

Therefore, I think my drawings look very much alike, which is not necessarily a bad thing: now that I compare my creations to the the projects posted by other students, I notice rules I hadn't even thought about and I will try and integrate them in following projects.

The paintings I like :

- 2 : I like the thickness of the brushstrokes (which I rarely use), the colors and the movement. I should experiment with paint more often.

Humanoid - image 1 - student project

- 5 : Probably my favorite. I love the simplicity of it. I loved being forced to stop so early in my drawing process - the result felt unexpected and oddly satisfying (I'm not used to experimenting with non-figurative art). 

I think this would be my finished piece.

Humanoid - image 2 - student project

- 7 : Circles only - simple, clear, not too heavy, though this is probably my unfinished piece: I'm feeling inspired to fill in some of those circles (or the background).

Humanoid - image 3 - student project

The paintings I don't like

- 4 : It feels flat and lacks interest. (used non-dominant hand)

- 8 : This image doesn't inspire me. I don't like the loops: I tried to go for a more messy look, but ended up being very conventional with the shapes.

- 10 : Only by the end of the exercise did I notice that I always portrayed the entire subject. I therefore tried to select 3 dominant lines in my subject and to add repetition in them. The result feels quite boring though. Maybe  a variation in color and/or medium would have made this piece more interesting.

10 things I learned :

1. No need to fill your page entirely.

2. No need to portray your entire subject.

3. Layering.

4. Full shapes instead of lines.

5. Rotate your canvas.

6. Negative space.

7. Less is more.

8. Abstraction.

9. Repetition.

10. I still like ink a lot, especially when used as only medium.