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Pascal Bruelhart

Humanitarian Shelter Management



Humanitarian Shelter Solutions

Above the EXO Shelter, outstanding creation of Reaction Housing.

The fund raising site INDIEGOGO just raised over 75 K Usd for the 50 K Usd asked.

Reaction Housing is ready to setup a pilot village with about 20 shelters that Calamity Charity needs to manage in the Philippines following the typhoon Haiyan.

We have a fund raising project on going to make this possible. See more on this link:

NGO Calamity Charity

A project to provide fast response shelters to calamity affected populations.

Working with re usable shelters that deploys fast and can be stored for next event.

We do have 3 types of shelters actually, each fits 4 people at least within a budget of less then 5000 Usd.

More can be seen on the webpage and faceboonk account of Calamity Charity

There are numerous creators of housing solution but looks like we are the first to plan manage deployment and recycling of the shelters.

The Exo Hut in first yellow picture is a great module, we shall get about 20 of those soon to create a pilote village in the Philippines.

The second picture is a great creation by Harry Skinner, architect that developped this Fiberglass extremely strong modules. Harry worked on this project at age 70 and now at 78 he gave us the rights to reproduce those patented forms.

We hope we can honour Harry's work by replicating the Recovery Hut by the 1000 soon...

Our third shelter project goes with Visible Good, another great freightable solution.


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