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Caryn Ginsberg

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Humane Research Council

The Humane Research Council conducts, collects, and disseminates market research, so advocates can be more effective in creating change that helps animals (

This winter,  the Humane Research Council wil be working with to sell T-shirts. helps nonprofits by designing and selling T-shirts, than giving part of the proceeds to the nonprofit. The design must NOT include the organization's name or logo, so we are coming up with related text. The organization's brand is serious and professional, but we'd like to loosen it up just a bit to appeal to independent animal/vegan advocates, including those in their 20s.

The Humane Research Council may use my concepts, may modfy one or something Float creates independently may be best. I'm hoping to create something that engages advocates and helps the Humane Research Council.

The first photo shows "sketches." Though done online, they use borrowed art and are still rough. I'm not sure whether the shirt can have one color or two, and we'll be discussing more about orange vs. black. Below the shirts, you'll see HRC's current branding.


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