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Cheryl Li

Communication Design Student



Human interactions: Social Media vs. In Person

As a 20 year old communication design student and social media intern who is chained to her laptop and raised in the digital age to be super reliant on technology, I'm constantly struggling between getting my work done and being as productive as possible on my computer, and stepping away from the screen to enjoy life that isn't pixelated once in awhile. After watching and being inspired by Sherry Turkle's TED Talk "Alone Together", I was inspired to keep track of just how long I spend interacting with people, online and offline, and the quality of those interactions.

For this infographic, I'd like to record:

-What social media platform I'm on
-How long I'm on it for
-What I'm doing on these social media platforms
-How much hours does it take up out of my total hours on the computer in a day

And inspired by Sherry Turkle's "Together Alone", maybe also record..
-How many people I talked to that day
-What I'm doing/feeling in these encounters

Data Collected:

Social Media Interaction:

8:45 Facebook 30 sec, Instagram 1 min

9:15 Facebook 10 min

9:45 Facebook 5 min

10:00 Facebook 5 min

3:00 Facebook 20 min

5:00 Facebook 40 min, Instagram 10 min

8:00pm Facebook 20 min, Tumblr 20 min

11:30am Tumblr 30 min


Facebook activity:

Photo likes: 4

Posts: 3

Comments on posts: 7

Shared link: 1

Link likes: 2

Status update: 2

Profile update: 2

Profiles visited (or "creeped"): 8

People messaged: 6


In Person Interaction

11:00 20 min interaction (Bob Ross, positive interaction)

12:00 35 min interaction (Vanessa Richards, neutral interaction)

1:00 35 min interaction (Project Group, neutral-negative interaction)

3:20 60 min interaction (Emily and cousin, positive)

10:00 120 min interaction (Larissa, super positive!)

Here are the sketches:

As you can see, from these sketches I'm trying to compare the two kinds of interactions. I'm also interested in reconstructing my day out of these interactions- maybe even include some screenshots or quotes from these interactions. That way, one can see how maybe little things in social media affect how I operate in real life.

Side thought: During sketching, the idea of exploring whether facebook likes really translate into action and engagement in reality emerged. I really like the idea, I just can't quite figure out how to incorporate the element of time into it, how to exactly compare it, and whether it would fit into the scope of the prompt for this project.


-July 31 Update-

So I decided to go with the idea of reconstructing my day with bits and pieces from my social media interactions. I further explored visuals that would support that sense of time.

I also thought about how to make this infographic resemble its subject matter, and decided on the format of a clockface, as it can be designed to look very digital and technological.

For the background, I was thinking of contrasting that by having an out of focus picture of humans interacting, or perhaps I can even make that a video footage.

On the contrary, I can also contrast the content in a different way by having a blurred picture of someone staring at a computer screen, juxtaposing the inactivity of the human but the busy activity online.

A brief idea came of making this entire infographic an animated one in aftereffects, having the clock be animated with little screenshots from my online interactions popping up and the background be a video footage of people interacting in real life. Think that would take an awful lot of work though, as I'm not too familiar with aftereffects.

Question for you guys:

-I really like the idea of making this a short video/something interactive. However, I'm not the greatest at aftereffects. Would something like this be possible as say, an interactive pdf? What other mediums/possibilities could I explore?


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