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1. My core theme is intentional living through contemplation and productivity. This may seem like a mouthful, but I feel that it really captures the essence of the content that I provide.

  • Intentional living: taking deliberate actions to live a life that you want and not one that fleets by, wasted through the years.
  • Contemplation: careful consideration and inquiry about the present state of our lives and how we can make changes towards intentional living.
  • Productivity: the physical aspect. This refers to actual practices that you or I can implement in our lives for more intentional living.

2. A large insecurity that I am facing right now is having the courage to embrace this step that I am making into online content creation and, more specifically, embracing what my family and friends will say. I feel that they will see me as a person without a plan who is wasting the most important years of his life, and what if they are right? It's a scary thought and one that I am definitely working to overcome.

3. While I am solely focusing on my newsletter right now, I plan to take the leap into complementing it with a YouTube channel when I have a solid following. I also plan on living abroad soon, so those experiences will hopefully enrich my content and make it even more appealing.

Alan Rodriguez Rios
A creator, wonderer, and seeker.