This was a really good exercise. I did a lot of thinking while working on scribbling my sheet of paper, I think that was the most rewarding part for me, because though I do do work and I know what work is like, when I'm left to my own devices I have no idea where to begin. Scribbling became a way for me to just do and experience the cycle of creating work. 

The envelope I had at hand was kind of small and I couldn't really stuff all the pieces of ripped paper in ( I mean, I'm sure I could if I really wanted to, but I'm sure I stuffed enough in there to get the point across.). My object that I was supposed to seal in the envelope was a bottle of blowing bubbles that someone I care about gave to me, but it didn't really fit in the envelope so I kinda just threw it away. Basically hit the same point, right? (The bubbles were old and the bottle was gross, but it was still kinda hard to get rid of?)


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