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Hugh's - I wanna live longer ! and enjoy it too - project

Initial goals :-

1) Continue to lower my blood pressure , and keep in good normal range permanently

2) Lose " love handles, and belly fat " to reveal whatever is underneath .

3) Probably drop 20 lbs more @ 1 to 2 lbs a week .

4) Change body composition to leaner - more muscles

5) Change the shape of my shadow to something more attractive !

6) Maintain and improve aerobic fitness levels

story to follow ...

Well .. I was a pretty skinny nerdy kid , but liked sports even though I wasn't great . I was very much into swimming from age 10 to 15 .. and was swim team captain in High School .. managed to get to county level but no further ... I was doing swim training 8 or 9 times a week .. ( including before school ) , so I was pretty committed . Then at 15 yrs old I got into rowing , ditched the swimming altogether .. and was rowing 5 times a week on the river 3 miles away from home . During the winter , when it was too dark to row we used to do circuits, weights , and running ... Somehow though .. I just stayed a skinny kid ... no muscles at all .. genetic i guess ... very fit .. but skinny .. Then I went to college .... and from that point on .. no exercise . spool forward 30 years , ( until 2010 ) and I am 225lb 5'11 fat middle aged guy who can't even jog up one flight of stairs without feeling out of breath for 10 minutes . Felt dreadful , but help was around the corner .. I changed jobs and the new office had a mini gym , staffed with three lovely ladies who cajoled me into changing my diet , and starting some regular exercise. 18 months later i have dropped 50lbs.. and lowered my BP from 150/90 to 125/75 . I stumbled over Fitocracy .. and that really really helped too . Anyhoo .. that's my story so far .. Started the 100 push ups challenge this week .. Finding it hard .. but really motivated to do it .


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