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Hug Therapy

   I am a 30-something, blue-collar type with a little art talent and very little time. I have had fun drawing comics for the amusement of my family and friends and I have long dreamed of creating a webcomic. This class has been an enjoyable and extremely enlightning dip into the experience. The added dimensions of reaching a wider audience and keeping a steady schedule has shown me that it may require more dedication that I am currently able to supply. Still, the dream lives on.. 

   Here are my "sketches". The quotations are because I kept working these much longer than I generally do with a sketch. Knowing that I would be posting this online made me more reluctant to call it good enough. Also, this is my first time creating the sketch portion of a project on the computer. So, that took a little getting used to. I very much appreciate being able to see in the videos how it should be done.


   Here is my model sheet. I need to work at making the character more consistent. I suspect that practice is the ticket. 


   Here is my comic. This was a truly fun thing to create. It was inspired by recent events and well recieved by all those who are in the know. I wonder if it translates as funny to a more general audience. I welcome comments.


   Thanks so much for this class and Sarah's Scribbles. If I am ever successful in joining the ranks of the creators it will be largely because of the inspiration I have received from both.

   I made another one and its still fun!



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