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Daniel Secor




Hudson Valley Hikers Club Logo

Hey everyone, My name is Dan

This will be the first skillshare class im taking part in, although I've been familair with Skillshare for quite some time. 

Ultimately my goal is to take a simple idea and create a simple but effective logo. 

My idea for this project is 3 fold . It starts with the area in which I'm from, the Hudson Valley in New York State, which is the region along the Hudson River, which, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Secondly, this project is about my love for Hiking. The Hudson River Valley has some of the most beautiful scenic hikes, and such a rich history, and I just love to get out and explore the valley. As a third, more obvious reason for the project, which should go without saying, is my passion for design, and my want to get better at the craft. 

I'll do my best to participate in the class as well, with feedback and what not. 

So without further ado, lets get started. 

Here are my initial ideas / sketches for " Hudson Valley Hikers Club" 

After taking this in to Illustrator to "Vectorize" I decided I didnt like the layout / style, so I went back to sketching. This is what I came up with (below). Please excuse some of the sideways images. I cant figure out how to turn them. I will probably make one last refined sketch before I vectorize again. 

Final pencils before i move forward with vectoring. 

Here is the Initial Vector. Layout has changed slightly. 

So after messing playing with ( and stressing over ) some layouts and subtext, I have finally come out with this product. 

Im not 100% happy with it, and will probably continue to work on tweak it, but for the time being, and for the purpose of submitting a project for the class, I am done.... for now. I wold really really love to hear some feed back. I kind of hit a wall so maybe some critiques may jump start something??

Sooooooo I lied .. im still working out kinks. 

Here is where it is now. Not gonna lie. I had to really "copy" a font (futura) to get the clean subtext. I basically typed out the words a wanted, then expanded them to see where all the anchor points were and edited from there, removing all unnecessary anchorpoints, and readjusting the handles, chaning what i thought was necessary along the way. It was surprising to me to to see just all the anchor points that didnt need to be there. 


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