Hudson Health & Wellness Mood Board

Hudson Health & Wellness Mood Board - student project

I decided to stick with the provided example just to get my feet wet on this project. I haven't ever made a mood board before, so I figured that would be the best. I tried to incorporate a few of the things that I primarily focus on during my concept-work phase -- color, texture, font, etc. I used overlap to act as a way of connecting elements that were similar to me, such as the hand holding a seedling against the clasped hands and the color palette to unify them, as well. I definitely didn't do enough image search. I found that each time I would import and adjust the composition of the board that I would decide that five or six weren't relevant, and then I would go back and find more. 

I got my font examples from Google Fonts. I tried to focus on ones that were easily legible and avoided anything that was script. My images came from either Pixabay or Unsplash, both of which are free to use! 

Hudson Health & Wellness Mood Board - image 1 - student project