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-- - Building community around BIG ideas.

**Still in the conceptual stage** :)

Huddleround is the place where you go to bring your big idea to life. Using our simple system, create your project and bring in members of the community to assist by leveraging their expertise and skill sets.

Don’t have a project? Help build your resume, lend a hand, or gain good karma in helping a project near and dear to your heart!

How it works:

You have an idea for a project but have no clue as to how to get if off the ground. Kickstarter doesn’t work for you because you need expertise and non-monetary resources:

  • Sign-up for

  • Fill out a personal profile.

  • Create a project within the system

  • The system has pre-loaded project management templates you can use, or you can create your own.

  • Create your ‘huddle’. This is where you look to the community to help with certain aspects of the project. You can always invite people from the outside, but they will need to become a member.

  • Track your progress with our system.

  • Achieve your goal!

  • Members of the huddle are given their agreed upon accolades -- all of which are measure with the system. Like reviews, testimonials, listing of projects they worked on and completed, etc.

You don’t have an idea but are looking to build your resume and gain expertise:

  • Sign-up for huddleround and create a personal profile.

  • You look for huddles that need your expertise, and submit and request to be on the team.

  • You participate on the huddle and receive recommendations for your work. This all is added to your profile.

Project Management Templates:

  • Book launch

  • Fundraising

  • Starting a business

  • Project help

  • Finding volunteers

  • Organizing an event


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