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Katie Ekins

Graphic Designer



Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Hi everyone. For my book I chose Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones as it is a favorite book from my younger days. While I love the Studio Ghilbi movie as well I wanted to make sure I stuck with the book for this, so I reread some of it while taking notes.


I did sketches using both the H and J letters. "Howl" is a much stronger word than "Jones" so it was hard to get away from. (These are really loose)


I ended up going with the most obvious one…a moving castle, ha. Sometimes being literal is okay right? This is a children's book after all.

Some exploratory sketches:


A more detailed sketch:


I decided that it could fly as the book never explicitly says how it gets around. I may simplify this as I want it to be obvious that it's an H. I also want to add some flames and smoke to bring in more from the book. We'll see what happens once I work on this in Illustrator.

Thanks for following along! More coming soon.


I'm finally back with the vectorized version, in 2 color schemes. One is Adventure-Time-esque and one is darker...





Let me know which one you like better! Critique welcome.


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