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Howlin' Coyote

Hey everyone, I decided to make a full body, howling coyote for in the first phase of the project. So when creating a mood board, I discovered that this picture below was the foundation of the logo. I love the elegance of the shape of the coyote when it hyperextending its head back to howl. I also loved how the coyote was stretching its leg to aids the hyperextension.  

I took it upon myself to trace the image of the howling coyote and put some sort of emphasis on the sitting hind leg. It was a challenge for me to maintain both the portion of the hind leg and the coyote's rest of the body while making it seem dynamic.

In the next portion you'll see the sketching details of the howlin' coyote logo.

I decided to keep that form that was found in many of the traces and refine the sketch. I think it came out very well and from there, I decided to vector the drawing.

I messed around with the anchor points here and decided to lose a bit of details from the sketch to make it more simple. I tried to add a simple detail to make the coyote more dynamic and solved it by giving it a silver shade of fur from its mouth to the middle of its abdomen. I think it came out really well.

EDIT: After reading a few recommendations from my peers, I tried to shape the coyote based on the initnal sketch and simplified the mouth.

UPDATE (2/21/14)

I gave the coyote a tooth and did a little retouching on its stomach and tail. I decided to ditch the two tone. I may try to go back and do something else with the detailing later. Tell me what you think!

(Old on the left, New on the right)

My current problem is the stomach region. Should the angle of the stomach be more obtuse like the right version? Or more like a right angle like the old version? I think the right angle makes it more parallel to the coyote's back which makes it seem better. But what do you guys think?


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