Howdaa - student project

Howdaa - image 1 - student project

1. Describe your startup idea in 2-3 sentences

We are Skillshare for the Equestrian community. We are an online marketplace for both live and online educational classes, discussions and experiences led by Olympic, Elite, and Successful professionals in our industry.

2. Identify the biggest holes in your startup idea (top 3)

  • Trainers already have very busy schedules and travel. They may not have the time or interest to teach non riding classes
  • People may not want to learn non riding classes. They want an experience with a horse.
  • Our audience may not be able to navigate online classes successfully.

3. MVP Solution (that solves your top problem)

  • We first sold an online and live bootcamp on a blog which cost us nothing, had virtually no design or branding and worked our local networks, facebook, twitter, and industry blogs to promote it. We only accepted 5 students, but had over 30 applications from across the Eastern US. It required them to pay for transportation and lodging to NJ for 2 days in addition to the $150 cost for the workshop. This was win 1.  We also put up a launchrock page to capture sign ups from the promotion. 
  • Next step is is our launch page. It captures email, allows for social sharing and explains what we do and will offer the first round of classes using a CMS . The design is going through the last revision and then coding will be complete by end of week.  This cost us less than $300, allowing us to test our concept, keep cost low, and not do a stitch of back end coding. 

4. Create an Actionable Plan 
Think through these questions to outline the least amount of work you can do to validate your startup idea.

  • What's your goal? What's your success metric? 

             Goal 1 was to get at least 10 applications for our Bootcamp. We exceeded this goals.
             Goal 2 is to sell out 4 classes. 

  • Which solution will you implement to hit your goal?

             We launched a blog to sell our Bootcamp. That was a success. Now we are getting ready to put up a Coming Soon page with sample classe. (Very similar to the Skillshare launch page). We will use Eventbrite for ticketing and Paypal to accept payments.     




Dana Romano

IT Project Manager, Global Portals at PR Newswire