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Howard Brown Health Center

Style Guide Complete! I will warn you, it's a little long. We have lots of brands under our house. Thank you for such an awesome class, Courtney! Looking forward to hearing what you fine folks think.


(From December 2013)

Covers done! Now...just need to actually add content, the fun part :)

Loaded a couple of pages. 


Howard Brown Heath Center is a community health center in Chicago that specializes in needs LGBTQ health. We have several entities under our umbrella:

Our main clinic
Aris Health - Secondary Clinic
The Broadway Youth Center - works with youth 12-24
The Lesbian Community Care Project
The Brown Elephant - Our thrift store - proceeds go to HBHC

This Style Guide will be more instructional - but will have a small bit about HBHC and its other entities.

Guide will be for Staff Members and Freelance designers. 

Intro and Table of Content
- Picture of HBHC with a quote pulled from our annual report –
  “It all started with a lamp and a table”

- Table of Contents

Brief About Section for HBHC
About HBHC (Pull paragraph from site) and Address
- About BYC and Address
- About LCCP and Address
- About the Brown Elephant and Addresses
- About Aris Health and Addresses

Logo Usage


Black and White

Altering colors
- Can pull from Color Guide
- Must be one color if you alter

Using Multiple Logos
- From left to right or top to bottom
- HBHC Entity(ies)
- Support Companies in ABC order and/or levels of sponsorship

Space around logo
- Suggested guide of .5 inch exclusion zone on all side

- Logo can be any size, but can’t be smaller than 25% of the piece

Suggested Locations
- Layout Art

Misuse of Logo

Entity Names (Use edit marks and include a key for edit marks)

Howard Brown Health Center
- Abbreviation: HBHC
- Do not use Howard Brown

Aris Health by Howard Brown Health Center
- Short Title: Aris Health
- Do not use Aris

Broadway Youth Center
- Abbreviation: BYC

The Brown Elephant Resale Shop
- Short Title: The Brown Elephant

Lesbian Community Care Project
- Abbreviation: LCCP

Color Usage

Main colors
- Orange and black
- CMYK Values
- RGB Values
- Pantone Colors

Secondary Colors
- CMYK Values
- RGB Values
- Pantone Colors

You may use tints of the Main and Secondary colors
- Color line of tint examples

Color Blending Suggestions
- Basic explanation of Primary and Secondary colors


Fonts you can use
- Avenier Family
- Franklin Gothic Family
- Swiss 721 family
- Calibri Family – only for Microsoft Pieces (Word and Excel documents, Powerpoint presentations, etc..), and internet pieces.
- Designer may suggest a different header font that goes with the concept of their design.

Email Candice for required fonts.

How to install fonts onto your computer.


When working on print pieces and pieces going out to the community, photos must be acquired legally and have printing standards.
- Free image site – Stock exchange –
- We have a subscription at ThinkStock – Designer can contact Candice to have downloaded.

When working on pieces that are internal or online, designers may use images found online without permission – however, IT IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED to use free image stock sites.

A photoshoot can be scheduled by emailing David.

Word documents

Must put logo at the top, ask Candice for logo

Must use Calibri

Example of a correct word doc

Examples of incorrect word docs

Examples of how we use the branding

Garden of Eve
- Postcard
- Invite

Testing Together
- Palm Card
- Poster

- Poster
- Palmcard
- Postcard

- Postcard
- Flyer

This year’s BYC Holiday
- Flyer
- Online

LCCP Stress Event
- Poster

AI Brochure
- Brochure

Contact information





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