How would the world be different if governments didn't have to feed the poor?

This class has been helpful in motivating me to review my content, and see where I need to head with it. I've begun to reorganize it, so that it can be divided and digested easier, and also I'm starting to see how I need to frame certain aspects of it in order to gain social media traction. 

I reorganized a rambling essay into a website, I hope to expand some of those ideas and eventually turn it into an ebook, I will distill from the exploration of those ideas some key points that I can try out in social media in order to gather an audience and some activists, and I've got the groundwork laid for the the open source software community aspect of it that I hope to also attract some developers on.

Thanks for the class, it was worthwhile!

The Secret to Liberty, A Trusted System for Feeding the Poor and Fracturing the Political Power Base of a Corrupt State.


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