How we are remembered

How we are remembered - student project

From an investigation spanning multiple decades about the social conditioning about death.

I have recently taken new pictures at various cemeteries to catalog various structures, markers, and other items that pay tribute to the deceased. With many of these people all that remains is the structure. We are left to imagine who they were only by the clues on their tombstones. 

The tombstone that kept my attention the longest was for "Layman" at the cemetery in Santa Ana, CA. And I plan on using this image in my postcard that i will send out to curators. The plan so far is to send them this with a link to what the collection is about, samples, and information about how I can work with them. But i did not want to limit it to just galleries. I would also like to display this work where it can be viewed by many people. So that I can get more exposure. 

How we are remembered - image 1 - student project

Regardless of the curator has space for it anytime soon. I would like them to get a favorable opinion of me and my work. Or perhaps make a recommendation for me or respond to me with a referral. But in general I am looking to build long term relationships so we can keep up with each other.

I created this page on my website with more information about the collection

And I created a postcard that I will send out. The postcard has the link to my statement about the project and mor sample images. 

How we are remembered - image 2 - student project

How we are remembered - image 3 - student project