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How to wow investors with a killer pitch deck

How to wow investors with a killer pitch deck

Pitching is something that is very difficult especially for beginners. Finding the confidence and figuring out what you need to put into a pitch deck to convince someone to believe in your idea is something most of us have never done before. This course is going to teach you from experience how you need to tailor your pitch deck in order to leave a great impresson on potential investors, mentors, co-founders or employees.

Course outline:

  • What is a pitch? What is a good pitch?
  • How is a pitch deck structured?
  • Problem: What problem are you trying to solve
  • Solution: How are you going to solve the problem
  • Business Model: You got a problem, a good solution, how do you make money with it?
  • Market Research: What's the size of your market?
  • Competition: What's your competition like and how are you better?
  • Team: Why is your team able to make the magic happen?
  • Investment: How to not ask for money while looking for investment.
  • Ending: How to end your pitch
  • Hidden Slides: Show your due diligence for Q&A sessions

Obsolete project below which will be done after this one:

Print production from start to finish

When I was still an inexperienced designer I was unfortunate to not have a good instructor to teach me how to set up my designs properly, so only by an insane amount of perserverance was I able to learn as much as I know about print today.

Back then and even now resources on the web are still lacking on how to set up print files properly, so with this course I want to teach you how to learn print production.

What you'll learn in this course is:

  • Basics of how print works with explanations of important concepts
  • An advanced chapter building on those basics with hands-on examples how to prepare print files
  • An in-depth chapter about color management and how to set up your workstation and workflow in order to avoid color conversion problems
  • A start from scratch project creating a magazine with an advanced print refinement cover

    Here's a sample video:


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