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I am currently travelling around central america to learn spanish and portuguese. This post is about my experiences travelling "alone". My blog post is quite late and I didn't figure out how to enable the sharing plugin or one of them on wordpress. I will put on sharing functions on later. Anyway here is my blog about solo travelling:


Why I wanna blog?

I have a blog at http://www.ivarurdalen.com that I recently started up. I am a travelling independent student at the moment, learning languages, culture and technical stuff on the internet (using MOOCs a UdaCity, Coursera, and edX). I wanna blog because it helps me reflect on what I do, it creates an peer pressure on what I do when I have to follow through with what I blog about, it also inspires people (at least the people that have told me) and awesome to connect with other people. People can quickly see and read what you care about and then it is easier to find people that have things in common with you and you can also start connecting at a deeper level right at the beginning.

3 awesome blog posts

I am mainly into blog posts that are inspirational, educational, and opens my mind to new ideas. I also like blog posts that are straight to the point.


Funny way to describe what is actually the best learning system. In language learning the internet is crowded with awesome resources that we tend to forget about the humans. Also short enough.


I also has a passion for honests stories including their failures and struggles. This is a story of a young high school student and how he managed to get to the computer competition International Olympiad in Informatics. An inspiring story. And I also participated in this competition so I felt we had many common struggles. ;)


I read a lot of language learning blogs. Here he summarizes the important topics nicely and keeps it structured which I find essential. I like lists ;) And emphasizesing the first sentence by making it bold.


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