How to think like a clown.

How to think like a clown. - student project

Intro video... I am going to reshoot this intro video with a better microphone and add some visual graphics to it too... but this is what I have for now.

Link to my Project guidelines 

I would love it if you checked it out. I am still working on some ideas for my class. Like the name of it and how much I actually want to talk about clowning. The class project is making an art book... So I was also thinking I should name it something about that too. IDK what do you all think?

(my class will be focused at Graphic Designers / artists / illustrators, but I think I will make the project so that anyone can really do the project with supplies around there house as long as they have a printer / paper and art supplies.

In this class I want to introduce students to the clown and how the philosophy of clowning can move their illustrations and typography forward.

I will talk about comic timing and how you can bring comic timing into your artworks and your thought life.

I will also talk about drama and how to introduce drama into your artworks and how to tell a story within a single idea.

My class project will be to create a 5-10 page zine / visual diary using the concepts taught in my class as inspiration.