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Melanie-Jane Ryal

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How to solve the double booking challenge

I decided to approach this from the bands point of view. I'm also running with the idea that they want as much exposure as possible with them not being a main stream band.

  • A Tardis or a white-hole which allows for time travel.  Neither of which are practical solutions at this moment in time but are rather cool ideas.
  • Live streaming from one concert to the other if the organisers where amenable to it.
  • Split the band so half are at each venue and live stream them so they perform together.
  • Use holograph technology, but that could be very expensive

At this point I started thinking about timezones.  I'm in the UK so we only have one time zone, but I'm guessing opposite coasts in the states are in different time zones.

  • Not sure how viable this idea would be as it would be exhausting for the band members.  Try and get an early billing on one festival and a later billing on the other and fly from one venue to the other. This would mean both sets of fans get a completely live experience.

Another very random idea:

  • If the band were charactures similar to The Gorilla's you would be able to have people in costumes being the band whilst the music was live streamed to both events.


I think streaming would be a viable option with linking half the group in both venues if the time slots are the same.  This would require some co-ordination but it's not insurmountable.


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