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How to represent on the internets

Hey all,

I have been reticent to post a specific project here as, for the the life of me, I am a bit lost as to how to give all of my creative works a life force out there in the URL universe in a way that seems like a cohesive whole. Or perhaps they should remain separate in the way that they are represented? I haven't a clue. Does anyone else have this problem? At any rate, I am very excited by the latest developments in a number of work-related areas. For the purposes of this class, I hope to come up with a game plan that will help me move forward with promoting fairly disparate creative works, but if Madonna can do it, so can I. Right? ;-)

The umbrella project is to decide upon a way to represent various business entities online. Here are my concrete goals:

1) Successfully launch my band's new album with great packaging, a YouTube video, a new site, PR, and some well-arranged record release shows: We're working with Keith Richards' and Tom Wait's engineer and our album is now complete in terms of the tracks. We still need to package and promote it. I hope to give this album release the promotional effort that it deserves.

2) Promote current and develop upcoming children's book projects: My husband and I have worked on many picture books together. This year will be really active as there is a picture book with Amy G of the SF Giants franchise coming out this August, a book with Chronicle coming out in the fall, and a Christmas-related book coming out after Thanksgiving. We are also in talks with a publisher with regard to future projects that we are now developing.

Auxiliary goals:

3) Create a web site and PDF of graphic design samples to market my freelance graphic design work.

4) Launch a lifestyle brand with an Etsy shop and blog.

I truly don't know how to pull this all together online-- promotionally speaking-- and definitely need help in that regard! Thanks for any suggestions and good luck with your lists!

My Mighty List:

6/17/13 update:

Full steam ahead! I had a phone consultation with a brand strategist who pretty much confirmed what I thought would be the best approach in terms of online management: create a 'brand' hub and then link to all projects from there.

I'm currently working on Gantt charts to best manage upcoming release dates. Thanks for that suggestion, Samantha! The album and album art are coming along quite well which I am very excited about. :-)


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