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How to protect your photos from stealing with this simple WordPress plugin

1) teaser video:

Are you

a photographer?

Do you show

your pictures

on your website?

What if

your visitors

steal your pictures?

How can you

protect them?

Find out

in my next

SkillShare class

Here is the final video on youTube:

2) Introduction video:

Did you know that it is very easy to steal images from other people websites?

Everybody can do it, just by right-clicking on the image and saving it.

And the bad news is: Even when you use protection tools to prevent that, they will not make it impossible to steal your photos from the site.

If you are a photographer or a designer, you want to show your best work to potential customers, but you don't your hard work stolen.

You can use a WordPress plugin, to add a watermark to all the images that you use on your WordPress site automatically.

Here is the intro video on youTube:

3) Pre-launch email:

Are you concerned about image theft?

If you are using your own pictures or your own creative work on a website, everybody can steal your photos or images that you show there.

Unfortunately, there is no technical method to avoid that. Even with some special plugins that make it harder to copy a picture, it's still possible.

So it makes sense, to watermark your creative work so that at least your name and copyright will be in the picture. But that's a lot of extra work, right?

Not so if you use a WordPress plugin, that can automate this tedious task. Just upload your images as usual and let the plugin do the work.

I'm going to show you in my next SkillShare class, which plugin is easy to setup for this task.

So don't miss this opportunity. I'll release it within the next days.

Here is a short introduction, that I put on youTube:

Stay tuned.

4) Welcome message:

Dear students,

Thanks for taking this class. As a photographer or designer, you should be aware, that people can steal your work from the website.

In this class, you will see that you can make it harder for thieves to profit from your hard work, by applying a watermark to all of your images.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything related to the class.


5) Facebook message.

Hello students,

I have created a follow-up class that tells you how to protect your photos in WordPress with a watermark.

It is another class in the series "From Zero to Hero Webmaster" and it comes logically after I showed you how to set up a photo gallery and a photo slideshow of your photos. So it's mainly focused on photographers and designers who want to show their best work on the site.

But even when you post your own photos on your WordPress site occasionally, the class will help you to get your photos watermarked, as it is not complicated. There is a free plugin available that do it automatically for you.

Enjoy the class.

Premium enrollment link:

If you are not a premium member, I have set up 25 free enrollments that you can get by clicking the following link:

Free enrollment link:


Final result: I don't see much difference in enrollments compared to my other classes. But I think it was worth trying.


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