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How to paint furniture that you will like in your house or will sell

Decide if you like plain or ornate

Look for old pieces of furniture at garage sales or used furniture stores

Be sure piece Is it good working shape.  Glue or nail where necessary.  Try not to use hardware that was not originally used on the piece for structure.   For example don't screw or nail when you should be using glue.  

Remove hinges and knobs that you may not want to paint or paint a different colour.

Gently sand and wipe off dust using a (tack Rag)

You are now ready to paint.  

If painting two colours paint the Old Village colour you want to show through and allow to dry

When the first coat of paint is dry you can paint the top coat over it.

Allow it to dry for about an half hour.  Now using a damp terry cloth rag rub down the top layer in the areas you would like the base court to show through.  And allow to completely dry.

You can stop there if you like.

Or, you may want to antique it.  Using a brush, paint the 1232 Brown or Black Antiquing Liquid on top gently wipe it down spreading it as dark or as light as you like.  You have a lot of control here as to how much you want to "dirty down" your piece.

Allow the Antiquing Liquid to dry and you are done.  This will protect the finish, however Old Village Paints are interior and exterior quality so they do not need a protective coating

If you like a wax patina you can wipe or brush the Schrack's Cream Wax on top.  Allow it to dry and then buff it up.  This was is soft and easy to use.  You can add colour to the wax If you are so inclined.


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