How to make your own sustainable bum bag

How to make your own sustainable bum bag - student project

In this class I am going to walk through the steps of using old garments to make a bum bag. 

Making this bag is super easy and doable to many levels of sewing but I do recommend having a sewing machine as hand sewing it all will take a lot longer. Please don't feel you have to go out and buy a machine just for this if you already have a friend or relative you could simply ask to use theirs.

You can customise several of the steps to make it your own style or follow the basic steps to start off with. 

The lesson:

Introduction: to me and the project.

Designing the bag: quick sketch of approximately what I want it to look like (not very technical at all!)

Making the pattern: using the design sketch to come up with a pattern for the bag, cut out paper pieces and place together until the size and shape looks right. 

Sewing the bag: cutting all the final pieces out of fabric and sewing together into the final bum bag.

Styling: some examples of ways you could style this bag for different looks and occasions.

Some final thoughts: Thank you!

-All the steps with include easy to follow techniques that will help you with other projects and not just making this bag.


Attached are the links to class outline and introduction outline:




Also attached is the youtube link to my introduction video, please watch and any advice very welcome.