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Tatjana Urbic

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How to make a simple stop-motion animation

Introduction video

Project description

In this course, you will learn how to make a simple stop motion animation with a computer, webcam and free stop motion software called Monkey Jam.

After short explanation of what animation is and how it works, we’ll go through the process of installing Monkey Jam, and a quick presentation of how to use it.

We’ll set up the scene and just animate the objects on it. The final movie will be exported out of Monkey Jam software.


Watch the introduction video to get familiar with the scope of this project

Download and install FREE stop motion software called Monkey Jam to your computer.

Prepare your computer (or laptop), plug in the camera and set up the environment so it’s easy for your to work with. Tape your camera to make it fixed so you avoid accidental camera movements.

Grab a few objects laying around and place them in front of the camera. Make one character out of play doh. If you feel artistic, prepare a nice background as well, but it’s not necessary for this project.

Start the Monkey Jam, position your camera and start recording one image at the time. Move your characters on the scene in small increments and record a still image of it. Move them again and record until you get the desired motion.

Preview the movie, and fix the timings for better pace of your story.

Export the movie out of Monkey Jam.

Go to and get one of the free audio clips available.

Let’s take a look at the Movie Maker video editing software, that’s also free. Import the sound, add the title of your movie at the beginning and credits at the end of it.

Export the final movie in mp4 format and upload it to youtube.


Project assignment

Follow the instructions to make your own animated movie.

Share the link to your movie in the project section. I would be very much interested to know about how you felt when you’ve seen your character come to life for the first time.

Class outline

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