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How to make a fun and unique notebook from scratch, and use it as a photo album or travel journal!

I made it! I finally published my first class as part of the July Teaching Challenge!

I am so happy and excited!

Here you will find my referral link!

I am preparing my first class as part of the July Challenge, category crafts.

Class Description:

The class I will teach is for scrapbookers, paper lovers and any crafters who is interested in new ways to make original mini-books from easy and simple techniques.

In this class, I will teach you how to make a unique notebook starting from blank cards (as cover and pages) and using an original binding technique.

I will give you ideas to customize your cover and tips to fill in your book if you want to use it as a summer photo album or travel journal.

I will share a few of my favorite ways to use stamps to decorate your mini-book and make fun embellishments.

Project Description:

Make your own notebook and use it this summer as your photo album or travel journal!

One of the advantage of the structure I am teaching in this class it's that you don't have to know in advance how many pages you will need for your project because you can always add more when you need them!

Milestone 3

Outline of the videos:

Here is the link to the outline for my video lessons:

The duration of each lessons is still an estimate because I am editing my video right now. But I think the total length of the class would be around 35-40 minutes

1/ Introduction to the class

2/ Gathering materials

3/ Intro to the mini-book structure

4/ Preparing your covers

5/ Binding your book

6/ Final touches and embellishments

7/ Conclusion and ideas to fill in your book!


UPDATE 28/07/2016

Sample video

Please, find a sample of my class here.

I have recorded my voice and added it to the video but it sounds very boring and too serious!

I think I will either remove my voice and add captions instead or try to record the entire script in a more fluid and natural way.

What do you think?

Thanks for your feedback


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