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How to make a Magic Pudding - Lemon Delicious

My Project is to make a class on how to make a "Magic Pudding" - Lemon Delicious.

Background Information 

Lemon Delicious is called a "magic pudding" because the batter separated into a cake layer with a sauce layer underneath during cooking. I loved making it with my children when they were you and now with my grandchildren.

There are two types of self saucing pudding, one that is used in this recipe is based on a souffle with egg white folded through at the final stage before baking. The second is based on a cake recipe with the "sauce" which thickens and moves underneath the cake portion during baking.

Once you have learned the technique you can experiment by adding fruits or other ingredients to make your favourite flavour.

So my plan is to make a number of courses each with its own recipe so that a variety of flavours and techniques are covered and resulting in classes that you can follow step by step while you bake.

Having made 2 or 3 recipes you will have the experience needed to make your own variations while still being able to make a different pudding each time.

There also a  classic comic Australian children's book published in about 1920 and made in to an animated feature in 2000 called "The Magic Pudding". Its an adventure story about two animal and one human character who have a magic pudding that always replenishes itself after being eaten. It is quite famous and a delight to share with children, so much so that October the 12th has been declared National Pudding Day in keeping with the light hearted nature of the subject. I don't yet know if the Australian sense of humour translates for an US audience or whether it is just quirky. We'll see.

So if you like uncomplicated cooking and enjoy deserts join me on the Magic Pudding Class.


BTW: I found a great Skillshare class on Food Photography that I enjoyed and will put to good use in this class. 


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