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How to keep a Nature Sketchbook *updated*


Here's my updated project for the new class merchandising workshop.

As an example I used my new class on how to start a nature sketchbook. After publishing it I've gone through the Skillshare merchandising guide again and figured out a few things I will keep in mind for the next class. The guide has been a great resource for me!

Some thoughts:

- Class title/Lesson titles: I'm happy with the class title after a lot of thinking and editing. It's clear and concise. However I don't use lesson titles and wonder if I should? I like to keep my classes simple, but lesson titles can add clarity.

- Cover image: while it's bright, friendly and readable, the image could be more eye-catching. I will think of that for the next class. This is not the best cover image I've done so far. ;-)

- Description: The new class merchandising guide is gold for this section! I went through my description and found that it covered most of the questions in the guide (what is my class about, what will students learn, etc). I will definitely refer to this when writing my next class description.

- Project Description: I'm happy with my project description and sample project. I added an additional PDF for my students for this class and documented my steps in the sample project.


Here's the link to my class if you want to take a look yourself:


I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about this class so far, so people seem to find it, and enjoy it. I'm always happy if people join me and go sketching in the field and show their results. Your observations and stories make this worthwile! :-)




(Updated on December 7th 2018)


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