How to get Started!

How to get Started! - student project

This is the best way to get everything prepared so you can start making this delicious food.


1. Make sure you have all the utensils you need (a large mixing bowl, measuring jug and a large flat plate) 

2. Identify where you can buy the seitan flour from as this is the key ingredient. I would have a look at local health food stores or order online whichever suits you better. Start with a small quantity 500g-1kg of flour first depending on how much you are going to make. This will give you a good starting point. Remember for 100g Seitan flour you need to add 250ml of water to get the right consistency

3. Which flavours do you want your seitan to have? Make sure you have these ingredients ready so they can be added to your flour. 

4. Guide yourself through the class

5. Trial the 2 different methods of cooking. They both give different taste and you might find you have a preference for one or the other. 

6. Once cooked, upload your seitan dishes its great to gain inspiration from others on how this food can be used in so many different way. I found this to be a great website of inspiration: 

Look forward to seeing your work 

Dr Rahul
Fitness & Nutrition