How to deal with adversity, and turn it into opportunity

The main question I want to answer is, how one should handle personal tragedies, lowpoints, obstacles in life? I mean, other than "get over it"...

Here is my speech:


I encourage you to tell me what you like / don't like about it, give me hints on how to improve. 

Thanks :)



Think about what was your greatest calamity?

It seems to me that we all live through moments (loss of loved one, financial crisis...) that can shatter out beliefs, can leave us in fear, preventing us from reaching our full potential, from advancing in our journey. At least I felt so for a long time, but recently I started to understand that it's just a question of perspective.

There is a great dramatic poem, called The Tragedy of Man. In this, after God creates the universe, Lucifer revolts against this, and he seeks out to destroy Adam, and through this, the entire creation. He tempts Adam & Eva to commit the original sin, so they are banned from Paradise. 

Adam wants to find out humanity's destiny. So he goes on a dream-journey, travelling through history, visiting periods from ancient Egypt to a distopic Phalanstery. In each scene he impersonates a historical person, who is enthusiastic about an idea - equality, freedom, glory of science... 

But at the end of each scene, thanks to Luficer's subversive actions, Adam always gets disenchanted of the original idea and wants to escape the hopeless situation. Just to end up in an other scene... At the end, he looses all hope, he is ready to put an end to his own life, to put humanity out of it's future misery.

Fortunately, Eva's pregnancy and God's last words ("O Man, strive on, strive on, have faith; and trust!") give him new hope, and a way out.

For a long time, I thought that Lucifer's plan and actions - similarly to all the tragedies in our lives - is just pure but otherwise meaningless evil. But now I believe, that we need these moments of darkness to be able to step over our shadows, to unfold our potential, to get closer to whatever higher cause we pursue.

I can - and in a next version I will :) - recall several of such calamities, that at first seemed unfair, painful, devastating. But after each of these, I could stand up, and after each of these, I was always better off in some way.

So maybe instead of trying to avoid and forget such bad things, we just need to change our approach.

  • First, let's recall the bad things happened.
  • Then, reevaluate, reframe what it means to us - instead of focusing on the damage, let's think about how it made us stronger, how it changed us for the better.  
  • Lastly, let's use this new understanding to reinvent ourselves, draw strength from it to continue our journey.


Speech structure:

- Goal: Encourage people to face their calamities and tough situations in a way that allows them to draw strenght from these. 

- I'm thinking about 3 threads that lead through the speech:

  1. Frame the speech with an opening question, and close it with "3R" suggestion.
  2. Tell a personal story: How it felt to loose my father, and how I could reinterpret it in a positive way. Maybe I'll touch another story, just to show that my approach can be used in other, less tragic scenarios.
  3. In parallel with #2 I'll reference the main motif of The Tragedy of Man - how Adam's struggle through his journey with Lucifer is similar to our struggle with obstacles in our lives.

- During the talk I'll try to be intentional with my movements and space usage:

  • stand in the middle when I ask or suggest something to the audience,
  • move to the right side when I talk about my own story,
  • move to the left side when I talk about the Adam's journey


What do you think?


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