How to create short cartoons

How to create short cartoons - student project

Class title: How to create short cartoons
Class description:

In this course I'll show you how to add something special to your video. This class is designed to show you how you can spice up your video course, adding some body. 

Your video can be  about anything: the recipe of a wonderful grandmother's pie, the guide of how to pack a make-up bag for a journey or how to paint spring flowers with watercolors.

Why not make your video a little funnier, forcing some objectives to move on their own?

Project title: Let's make a short cartoon together!

Project description:

Now after you know how to move objects, take pictures and make a film, let's make a short film together. It can be just 5-10 seconds length.

How to create short cartoons - image 1 - student project


Read the instructions and scroll down to create your project:


1. Upload an Image of your Working Space

2. Move any objects and make a few photos

3. Combine photos into one short video clip

4. Upload it to any video hosting (Youtube or any other resource) and share your link.

That's it!


My class outline:

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Alina Stepanenko